Tasting Amador Journey Uphill Vineyards

Journey Uphill

The journey of Uphill Vineyards is much more than just a story of how two passionate wine lovers started their own vineyard. It is a tale of dedication, perseverance, and an unrelenting passion for producing the finest wines possible. Uphill Vineyards has become a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence. Join us as we take a closer look at the Journey Uphill and discover the incredible story behind one of Sutter Creek’s favorite wineries. Uphill’s vineyard is located at a breathtaking 2,400-foot elevation in the heart of Fiddletown, California, nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Amador County. The vineyard is situated on south by southwest slopes and enjoys cooling breezes during both day and night, which helps to temper the hot sun and drop the temperature substantially at night. This cooling effect makes the site cooler than the California Shenandoah Valley, resulting in grapes that bud later and ripen later than in the valley. The five-acre vineyard is divided into six blocks, featuring five varieties: Zinfandel, Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, and Tannat. Each block is carefully tended to by Beth and Ira, resulting in wines that are a true expression of the vineyard’s unique terroir.

Tasting Amador Journey Uphill Vineyards

Tastings & Wine Club

The Uphill Tasting Room is an adorable little store front located in the charming and historic gold rush town of Sutter Creek. I would recommend making reservations for any group over 6 people since the tasting room is pretty quaint. Uphill is open Thursday through Monday and offers visitors a chance to taste some of Uphill’s finest wines.

For just $10 per person (waived with purchase), guests can enjoy a tasting flight of 8 wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the vineyard. For those who want to enjoy Uphill’s wines on a regular basis, the wine club is the perfect option. Members receive 6 bottles twice a year, in the spring and fall, and enjoy a 20% discount on all wine purchases. But that’s not all – wine club members are also given complimentary tastings whenever they visit the tasting room, ensuring that they can savor Uphill’s wines in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

The Story of Uphill

Once upon a time, Beth and Ira Rosenthal embarked on a wine journey that would take them to the breathtaking vineyards of Fiddletown, California. It all began many years ago, but it wasn’t until 2007 that their passion for wine became serious. That was the year they planted their vineyard and embarked on a challenging yet rewarding journey that would shape their lives forever.

From the beginning, Beth and Ira knew that wine was made first and foremost in the vineyard. They believed that the key to creating a truly exceptional wine was to grow the best fruit they could and let the vineyard’s unique properties – the soil, high elevation, climate, and sunlight – speak for themselves. Uphill Vineyards is not just a name, it’s a symbol of the journey uphill that Beth and Ira have been on. Their vineyard sits atop a hill, and the name perfectly describes the uphill battle they have faced and overcome along the way.

Their philosophy of letting the vineyard speak for itself has resulted in wines that are a true reflection of the growing year. They let their wine reveal the unique characteristics of the vineyard; whether good, bad, or great, each vintage tells a story of the growing year and the passion that went into creating it.

2021 Rosato di Primivito – $25

This Rosato is like a bouquet of summer flowers in a glass, with its distinctive fruit flavors of creamy strawberry and peaches, complemented by aromas of strawberry and lychee. And that rich mouth-feel? So luxurious! The nice acidity keeps the flavors clean, bright, and refreshing. It’s like a little party in your mouth! Not only is Rosato di Primitivo a delicious choice for summer, but it’s also the perfect wine to welcome in the spring season. Its delicate and refreshing flavor profile makes it a fantastic choice for sunny days, picnics in the park, and al fresco dining with friends and family.

Now, let’s talk about the perfect pairing for this delightful wine. I recommend serving it with a fresh Caprese salad and a slice of tangy goat cheese. The combination of the juicy tomatoes, fragrant basil, and creamy cheese with the fruity notes of the Rosato is simply divine!

Tasting Amador Journey Uphill Vineyards
Tasting Amador Journey Uphill Vineyards

2017 T ‘n’ T – $33

Uphill Vineyards’ T’n’T red blend is a true powerhouse of a wine. Composed of 20% Tempranillo and 80% Tannat, this blend boasts big, bold flavors with a tannic backbone. Black plum and boysenberry flavors dominate, leading to a dense mouthfeel and a well-balanced finish. For those of you asking; Tannat is a grape variety originally from southwestern France and is known for producing wines with high tannins and a rich, dark color, making it a perfect addition to the Uphill T’n’T blend. While this wine is a Wine Club Exclusive, you can still stop by the tasting room and savor a taste.

To fully appreciate the boldness of this blend, pair it with a juicy, fatty steak. The richness of the meat complements the wine’s tannins and enhances the overall flavor experience. This is a wine for those who love to indulge in deep, intense flavors. If you’re not in the mood for steak, the Uphill T’n’T red blend also pairs well with hearty stews and roasted game where the strong tannins and bold fruit flavors are a great match for the rich, meaty flavors found in these dishes.

2016 Chroma – $39

Uphill Vineyards’ 2016 Chroma is a delightful Tempranillo dessert wine that’s perfect for after-dinner sipping. While it can’t officially be called a port, it boasts similar characteristics of rich, dense color and a silky, sweet finish. This wine is a gold medal winner at the Orange County Fair and is perfect for all my sweet-tooth followers out there!

This wine pairs splendidly with dark chocolate, as it brings out the wine’s depth of flavor, resulting in a truly indulgent experience. This wine’s sweetness and silky texture make it a versatile pairing with various desserts, such as a decadent chocolate cake, a fruity raspberry tart, or a platter of fresh fruit and cheese. For a savory pairing, the Chroma’s intense flavor and velvety texture make it an excellent complement to rich paté or a strong blue cheese. A perfect nightcap or a sharing wine with friends, the Chroma is an excellent way to conclude any meal.

Uphill Vineyards is not just a winery, but a journey of passion, dedication, and hard work. Every bottle tells a story of Beth and Ira’s commitment to crafting high-quality, unique wines that showcase the best of the Fiddletwon terroir. From the T’n’T red blend to the 2016 Chroma, each wine has its own distinct character and flavor profile, reflecting the artistry and expertise of the winemakers. So next time you sip on a glass of Uphill Vineyards wine, know that you are experiencing the journey of two passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to creating truly exceptional wines. Cheers to Beth and Ira, and to their journey uphill!

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