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Tickled Pink

Hey my lovely followers! Spring has finally sprung, and I am tickled pink! What better way to celebrate the season than by stocking up on some of the best rosé wines out there? And if you’re wondering where to start your search for the perfect bottle, than Amador County and I, have you covered! This area is renowned for its fantastic wine scene, and the rosés produced here are simply divine. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my all-time favorites!

Tasting Amador Tickled Pink Rose Wine in Amador outdoor

Belledor Vineyards Rosé 

Hold on to your hats, wine lovers, because the Belledor Vineyards Rosé of Tempranillo is a wine that you will absolutely adore! As soon as you take a sip, you’ll notice the aromas of fresh raspberries, strawberry sorbet, and nectarine, which will transport you to a sun-drenched paradise. On the palate, you’ll taste the flavors of watermelon Jolly Rancher and ripe strawberry, which will have you craving more. This dry southern Rhône-style rosé is absolutely delightful and crisp. The color is a gorgeous pale pink, and the aroma is simply intoxicating. I love sipping on this wine on a warm spring day while lounging on my patio. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon.

Di Stasio Rosato

The Di Stasio Rosato is a wine that packs a punch in terms of flavor and complexity. This rosé is made from a blend of Sangiovese and Barbera, creating a bold and robust taste. When you take a sip, you’ll notice the aroma of watermelon, grapefruit, strawberry, and pomegranate, which will have your taste buds tingling with anticipation. On the palate, you’ll taste wild strawberry flavors that are still vibrant with youth and mouthwatering acidity. The slender, dry palate is made livelier with hints of blood orange and a refreshing, clean finish. This wine is perfect for a girls’ night in, paired with some cheese and crackers.

Uphill Vineyards Rosato

The Uphill Rosato di Primitivo is simply divine and perfect for any springtime occasion. It’s light, crisp, and has just the right hint of sweetness. The aroma is floral and delicate, like a breath of fresh air, and the taste is simply unforgettable. It’s like a little party in your mouth, with its distinctive fruit flavors of creamy strawberry and peaches, complemented by aromas of strawberry and lychee. The nice acidity keeps the flavors clean, bright, and refreshing. It’s like a bouquet of summer flowers in a glass!

Tasting Amador Tickled Pink Rose Wine in Amador
Tasting Amador Tickled Pink Rose Wine

Terre Rouge Rosé

The Terre Rouge Vin Gris D’Amador Rosé is a southern Rhône-style dry rosé is a true gem, grown in the granitic terroir of the Sierra Foothills. And trust me, it’s the perfect wine for any occasion – whether you’re brunching with your besties, having a leisurely lunch, or soaking up the sun on a warm day. But wait, it gets even better! This wine is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, perfect for sipping as an aperitif or enjoying poolside on a hot afternoon. The blend of 50% Grenache, 35% Mourvedre, 6% Grenache Blanc, 4.5% Viognier, and 4.5% Roussanne creates an explosion of fruity aromas, with hints of luscious strawberry and juicy peach that will make your taste buds tingle with delight. So, whether you’re in your favorite sundress or your comfiest flip-flops, make sure to have a bottle of Terre Rouge Vin Gris D’Amador Rose by your side.

Casino Mine Ranch Rosé

Let me introduce you to the delightful Casino Mine Ranch Réserve Rosé. This wine is like a love letter from Southern France, with a blend of Vermentino and Grenache that will make your taste buds sing. The aromatics of wild strawberries and grapefruit zest will evolve into a symphony of flavors, from freshly squeezed blood orange to hints of kiwi and white tea. And let’s not forget the minerality, mouthwatering acidity, and pristine finish that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Rosé Pairings

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of Rosé with some light and refreshing food pairings. One delicious option is to pair it with aguachile, either made with tuna or cucumber ribbons, depending on your preference. The spicy and tangy flavors of the dish complement the fruity and refreshing notes of the rose, creating a harmonious balance. Another perfect spring pairing for Amador County Rosé is a fresh and zesty salad, featuring citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange, mixed with arugula, feta cheese, and walnuts. The acidity and tanginess of the citrus fruits blend beautifully with the lightness and minerality of the wine, while the nuttiness of the walnuts and creaminess of the cheese add a pleasant textural contrast. For a heartier option, try pairing any of these rosé wines with grilled shrimp skewers, marinated in garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. The juicy and savory shrimp, with their slightly charred edges, complement the crisp and refreshing flavors of the wine, creating a perfect match for a warm spring evening.

Get ready to be tickled pink with these amazing rosé wines from Amador County that are perfect for springtime sipping. These wines are some of my personal favorites, and I can’t recommend them enough. So, grab a glass, raise a toast, and cheers to a fabulous season ahead filled with great wine and wonderful company! I promise, your taste buds will be delighted with the delectable flavors of these rosés.

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